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"Chubby Chipotle" is a thinly veiled smear campaign probably financed by Chipotle's competitors

Early this September, an organization called the Center for Consumer Freedom launched a campaign critical of Chipotle Mexican Grill called "Chubby Chipotle". Ordinarily lobbying for the rights of consumers to make terrible decisions such as smoke and drink giant sodas, the Center accuses the restaurant chain of selling unhealthy food and being hypocritical with their anti-GMO stance. The reality of course is that burritos kick ass. And also that Chipotle has been transparent about their food's caloric values and the presence of GMOs in their sodas and animal feed. I guess they've forgotten their own slogan "Promoting Personal Responsibility and Protecting Consumer Choice".

Ultimately, the hypocrisy of the Center for Consumer Freedom isn't super important. What is important is that eating burritos, and even gaining weight from eating burritos, is your right as an American regardless of race, gender, creed or nationality.

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  • Gain 40 lbs in a Year by Eating Two Burritos a Week

    You gain roughly a pound for every 3500 kcal you consume over the amount that you burn (your maintenance calories). To gain 40 lbs you must eat 140,000 kcal more than you burn in a year, which works out to about 2700 kcal a week or two 1350 kcal burritos a week. The reason this math is so goofy is that it considers all burrito calories to be in excess of maintenance. Basically, days that you eat a 1350 kcal burrito, you will still eat as much food as you would otherwise eat. This just... isn't how food works.

  • GMO-Free isn't Healthier or Safer

    While there exists a broad scientific consensus that GMO food currently on the market poses no more risk than regular food, mass cultivation of GMO crops may pose some risk to the environment.

  • Burritos aren't Healthy

    Burritos kick ass actually.

  • We don't know what "sustainable" means

    You could Google it.

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A diet high in burritos provides numerous health benefits.

A typical Chipotle burrito with meat, rice, beans, salsa, sour cream, cheese, and guac contains 50 - 60 grams of protein, 20 - 25 grams of dietary fiber, and clocks in at just over 1000 calories. Getting plenty of fiber promotes a healthy gastrointestinal tract among other benefits, and protein is necessary for building and maintaining lean body mass. In addition, avocados are said to boost the body's production of testosterone according to unsourced health blog entries that I found on google. That's probably why they charge extra for guac. It's actually possible to build a very impressive physique without going to the gym at all, you can simply eat burritos.


Eat a burrito a day.

This brings us to the Chipotle Challenge: eating at least one burrito every single day. To participate, simply start eating burritos every day. You can tweet your results with the hashtag #ChipotleChallenge. Or don't, who cares. It doesn't count if you get a bowl. Getting a salad is negative points.